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Free Valuation Week! 13th March 2017 – 19th March 2017

Free Valuation Week!

13th March 2017 – 19th March 2017

Amati in the attic? Gofriller in the garage? Stradivari under the sofa?

We offer a wide range of services:
Insurance – we are an agent for Allianz Musical Insurance and can provide verbal as well as written insurance valuations.
Selling – we offer advice on estimates and sale prices for specialist instrument auctions and advice on selling privately
Restoration – we have one of the largest workshop in England with four full time Luthiers from four different violin making schools offering an international collaboration of ideas and working methods

Tim is often asked how long it takes to value an instrument to which he responds ‘about 10 minutes and 30 years!’

Appointments available all week, please contact us to book.
Tel: 01785 811860 Email: info@timtoftviolins.com

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