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Violin Valuation & Certification

Violin Valuation, Violin Certification

Violin Valuation & Violin Certification services from Tim Toft

We also offer valuation and certification services for Violas, Cellos, Double Bass and Bows.

As a respected international dealer and consultant, Tim Toft is held in high esteem by professional bodies, auction houses and players. He is also an advisor on matters of instrument authenticity, provenance and investment. He has developed his knowledge of instruments and bows through research and experience gained by attending almost every major instrument auction in the past thirty years. He also has an extensive library and a detailed archive.

Verbal Violin Valuation

Verbal Violin valuations can be given for auction or insurance purposes. We are often asked how long this takes to which Tim replies, “About 10 minutes and 30 years!”

Written Violin Valuation

Written Violin valuations are necessary to insure an instrument. We are agents for Allianz Musical Insurance (formally British Reserve). The valuation will indicate the age and the country of manufacture. This can normally be done in a single appointment.

Violin Certification

The condition of your instrument is taken into consideration when undertaking a Violin certification and appropriate advice to increase the instrument’s value is offered. Detailed photographs will be taken as part of the certification and a full description of the instrument will be provided, indicating country of manufacture. A certificate will support the value of an instrument by enhancing its provenance. It may be necessary to leave your instrument for several hours.

If you need further information on costs, appointment times etc. please call 01785 811860 or contact us online.